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School Closings Day Camps

Flips Frederick is proud to offer our much loved camp curriculum during days which schools are closed.


Day Camp

Ages: 6+

Our Day Camps for School Closings are only for the days which school is closed for a full day and run from 9:00am - 4:00pm. This does not include weather related closings, half days, or the like and is only available at our Frederick location.

School Closing Day Camp Schedule

August 23 
September 4 
September 25 

October 20
October 27
November 22 
November 23-24 
December 25-26 
December 27-29 

January 1 
January 15 
January 16 
January 17
February 19 
March 22 
March 29

April 1 
April 2-5 
May 14 
May 27

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