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Ninja Monkeys

Have you ever wanted to become a NINJA?

Heres YOUR chance!

The Ninja Monkey curriculum and goals for the classes truly are for EVERYONE. The four-year-old boy learning to swing on the bar and the nine-year-old girl learning to flip off the wall are both going to be challenged and excited every day.

What’s more than that, NINJA MONKEYS is dedicated to the creative spirit of children. In every class, kids work on simple puzzles and problem solving amidst their physical activities. By mixing these little “brain games” into their workouts, kids associate using their whole bodies to work through challenges and develop an ability to truly focus.

Finally, we celebrate Little Victories and Little Failures. It is so important that kids understand, at a young age, that making mistakes or missing a step is part of learning! By acknowledging setbacks in a positive environment and working through it with them we literally teach Resilience and Grit.

Class Structure

  • Each class level length is 1 hour.

  • Each class type is Co-ed.

  • Instructors start each class with a firm welcome to today's challenges.

  • In each class, ninjas have the opportunity to earn skill, character, and challenge badges to put on their achieve sleeve.

Class Uniform

  • Ninja Achieve Sleeve

  • Ninja Monkey T-Shirt


Mini Ninjas

Ages: 3yr - 5yr (Co-Ed)

Perfect for PRESCHOOLERS! The class curriculum is geared towards childhood development, using positive reinforcement for kids who are LEARNING how to LEARN. We use colorful Animal badges to encourage growth in areas like CARING and THINKING. Of course, we still want them to be little monkeys! Throughout each class they will build foundational skills by swinging, rolling, balancing, and jumping! During each class they are training locomotor skills and practicing coordination. This is the BEST class option for a little monkey rolling and swinging all over your furniture at home!

Ninja Monkeys 

Ages: 6yrs+

Our entry level Ninja classes focus on all the basics of movement through space. We break our skills curriculum into four disciplines that every kid LOVES to LEARN. They'll roll, run, flip and swing through the gym. Throw in weekly strength challenges, skills of the week, and THE GAME and you have a class that's sure to please any little monkey that wants to be a NINJA!


Mighty Ninja Monkeys

Ages: 6yrs+

The "Next Level" of ninja. While Ninja Monkey classes focus on the fundamentals and safely moving through space, Mighty Ninja class starts to challenge kids with more complicated free-running skills, real acrobatics, rolling over obstacles and grip strength swings on bars, ropes, and obstacle courses.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.