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Flips Organized Gymnastics Teams & Developmental Team Classes

At Flips, we have two main teams, the Flips USA Junior (JO) Gymnastics team, which is competitive, and our Xcel team, which is a Flips recreational team.


Flips Junior USA Gymnastics Team (Organized)

Ages: 6yrs - 17yrs

The Flips Junior USA Gymnastics Team is one of Frederick’s premier competitive programs. For the past several years many of Flips’ gymnasts have competed all over the state and region competing in the four different women’s apparatus (vault, bars, beam and floor). This competitive team has gymnasts ranging from the ages of 6 to 17 years old, and competing in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and even internationally. This team competes at USA Gymnastics Levels 3 through Level 10. Our Flips coaches for the competitive team are Angela Boyle, Bobby M., Melissa L. and Kerry R. Flips holds developmental classes in preparation for our Competitive Team. These developmental classes are by invitation-only.

Flips Excel Team (Organized)

Ages: 7yrs - 14yrs

At Flips, our Xcel program offers high quality training and competition opportunities for gymnasts ages 10+. It is a natural next step for our recreational Level 3 gymnasts or later start gymnasts who are looking to continue growing in strength and skill, while participating in a supportive program and competitive program. These gymnasts, however, are not part of our USA Junior Gymnastics Team.


By design, the Xcel program is more inclusive, involves a less intense level of strength conditioning, and requires a lesser time commitment than our Junior Olympic training program. As such, Xcel is not intended to be a gateway to the JO program, and it is not a college or elite preparatory training program.


The Xcel gymnasts are invited to join the team by Flips coaching staff. Our Xcel coach is Tanya V. They train approximately 6-9 hours per week and participate in 6 local area competitions each season. As part of our Flips competitive team programming, the Xcel team members also have the opportunity to travel for up to two competitions each season.


The Flips Xcel program continues the Flips philosophy to educate, and empower every individual gymnast through gymnastics and sportsmanship. This program will give the gymnast that is advance enough to compete the opportunity, without the same commitment of our USA Gymnastics Team. This is a great program that builds confidence, friendship and allows our gymnast the room to grow at a less competitive level. The Excel Team at Flips is a part of our Flips Family and is included in all of Flips and POOF events, activities and fundraising and more.


Mini Gymnasts (Developmental)

Ages: 4yrs - 6yrs

This is an invitation-only class that meets twice a week for 1 hour. In this class, your child will work toward the skills necessary to be considered a Level 2 gymnast. This is a faster paced class for the mini gymnast who shows greater than average body control, strength and flexibility, and is ready to move a faster pace. This class is designed to prepare your child for the competitive route.

Little Gymnasts (Developmental)

Ages: 4yrs - 6yrs

Our Little gymnast program meets twice a week for 1:30 hours. This class is to prepare your daughter for our Pre-Competitive Team. At the end of this year-long program, your daughter will be considered a Level 3 gymnast, mastering back-walk-overs, pull-overs, and back-hip-circles on bars.


Pre Team (Developmental)

Ages: 5yrs - 8yrs

This class is considered a part of our competitive team. These girls work out 3 hours Tuesdays and Fridays with our competitive girls. At the end of the season, it is our goal that your daughter will have their round-off back-hand-spring and be ready to compete. As a part of the team, your child will be invited to the holiday party, and other Flips Team Events.

Team Calendar

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