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Preschool Gymnastics Classes

All of our preschool classes are designed to help your child develop important gross motor skills while exploring the world of movement through gymnastics. Each preschool class will spend time on each apparatus over the course of each month. Each week your child will do specifically planned obstacle courses to get them climbing, running, jumping and rolling at their pace. Every activity that your child does in this program leads to the next step. We are confident that after one month of classes you will see a significant change in your child’s gross motor development.

Practicing Yoga with Babies


Ages: 4mo - 10mo

This is a parent assisted non structured class that focuses on large motor skills, making friends, and having fun. We use mats, props, music and movement to develop confidence. Which creates a safe, fun, age appropriate environment for this class as they develop new skills.

Handstand Minis

Ages: 3yrs - 4yrs Frederick
Ages: 4yrs - 5yrs Mt Airy

This 45 minute independent structured class will teach your 3 or 4 year old the basics of handstands, cartwheels and backward rolls, while mastering the forward roll. In this class your child will work on all pieces of equipment with focus on taking turns, confidence and upper body strength.


Cartwheel Kids

Ages: 5yrs - 6yrs

Is a structured class that will work with your 5 or 6 year old with the basics of Level 1 gymnastics building the flexibility and strength necessary to be recognized as Level 2 Gymnast; working the pull-over on bars, cartwheel and bridge kick-over on floor. This class is structured as part of our preschool program to allow your child more structured time allowing for successful learning.

Tumble Tots

Ages: 3yrs - 4yrs Mt Airy Only

This 45-minute parent assisted class will emphasize the exploration of motion and development of both social and emotional skills. Children are encouraged to take risks and challenge themselves to physically while navigating their way through obstacles, warm-ups, and activities.

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