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Our mission is to be a successful company that is a leader in customer service with a loyal customer following that teaches children self empowerment through sports. Flips is a gymnastics training center with services for toddlers, children, and teens. We strive to obtain an atmosphere of fun and learning. We strongly believe in a progressive learning style to allow each child the benefit to learn and progress to the best of their ability. It is our top priority that the staff at Flips are not only teaching gymnastics and sport sports skills and gymnastics, but providing an environment where children will obtain the skills necessary for a happy, healthy and self-motivating life.

Flips is a for profit business in the adolescent recreation sports industry. We specialize in providing competitive and recreational gymnastics in a fun and challenging atmosphere. Gymnastics is a sport that benefits all age groups. Our target market includes toddlers through adults with the core of our program consisting of preschool and elementary aged children. It is our goal to offer cardio equipment, and a variety of fitness and recreational classes, as well as a homework/business center. Our passion and commitment to fun family fitness makes Flips an asset to any community. Founder, Angela Boyle, will ensure the success of Flips with her 20+ years of industry experience.


  1. Unconditional Respect

  2. Trustworthiness

  3. Collaboration & Teamwork

  4. Open Communication

  5. Perpetual Improvement & Growth

  6. Respect for the Company

  7. Work Enjoyment and Fun.


These principles reflect the firm convictions of its founder. They are not only applicable to the business, but to the rest of life as well. It is vital that all employees share these same principles so there is unity as the business pursues its goals. These unifying principles lay the foundation for the business. A business may survive well utilizing tactics alone, but it requires the business strategy as a whole with a commitment to its most foundational philosophies that will allow Flips to thrive as a profitable entity that fulfills its mission statement.


Angela Boyle is the owner/director of Flips and takes much pride in remaining active in coaching the Artistic Team. Angela’s philosophy is fun, hard work and perfect practice is the only way to achieve maximum success in this sport. She understands the dedication, devotion, sacrafices and commitment that each of her gymnast makes, because she herself competed for many years. Not only is she a lifetime gymnast (accomplishing many big skills during and after her time as a competitive gymnast) but was also a Division 1 Diver and Pole Vaulter at The University of Tennessee. Angela brings a unique ability to each practice, in that she does not “coach from the sidelines.” Her team can count on her to demonstrate a skill and work with them through the trying times of mastering each new skill they develop. She takes all that she has learned– from working with College Coaches, Olympic Athletes, Olympic Coaches and the vast array of experiences from all the different sports she has competed in nationally and internationally– and brings it into the practice and performance arena when she coaches. Angela Boyle previously a personal trainer uses conditioning and gymnastics basics at the core of her program, not only conditioning the major muscle groups but developing the smaller muscles that protect from injury. She strongly believes in and values her program and student athletes. As she develops her Flips Program, there will be many more successes to her profile.

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